Grow your own effortlessly Outdoors: Plant Now, Harvest Later

A temperate climate, access to some wild outdoors and an adventurous spirit make the perfect combination for seeing what the cannabis plant is capable of doing on its own. With some luck and patience, you could turn a secluded spot in the forest into the most effortless grow-op conceivable to stoners.

Consistent yields, great efficiency and premium quality ganja requires attention to detail and a lot of trouble-shooting. The effort into making primo buds pays off, but it doesn’t acknowledge cannabis’ ability to grow and thrive against all adversity in the wild. For a great excuse to go out hiking in in the forest, this easy project could have massive returns if you find the perfect spot to grow.

Germinate some seeds in little pots under compact fluorescent or LED lamps with 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness. Once the pots become root-bound, the plants should be between six inches and a foot tall and about a month will have gone by. You might even see some roots popping through the drain hole on the bottom of the pots, a sign that transplanting needs to happen soon or else root-rot could ensue. Now it’s time to take them on a hike.

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The Difference Between Regular, Feminized and Auto-flowering Seeds.


Normal seeds are just that – normal. Meaning that normal seeds are the result of male pollen landing on a female flower and producing seeds that can be male or female. Feminized seeds are the result of using “male” pollen from a hermaphroditic plant to fertilize a female flower, resulting in plants that can be female or hermaphrodites but never males. Auto-flowering plants are plants that begin the blooming process at a certain height rather than by any changes in photoperiod, meaning that auto-flowering plants will begin flowering regardless of whether they get 12 hours of light per day or 20.

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