What Is Terp Juice?



For the uninitiated, this “Terp Juice” we’ve been smoking on for quite some time has similarities to the well-known and popular “Live Resin.” This method extracts with the traditional BHO (butane) process, but rather than using whole plant material, utilizes fresh plant material that has either literally just been taken down from her grow or, alternatively, quickly placed in a freezer, and then shortly thereafter extracted (aka the fresh frozen method).

While there’s a lot more science and technique behind this method (that we’ll delve into at a later date), the aspect of this material that sets it apart is its flavor or “Terpenes.” When you extract a plant fresh off the grow, it contains up to 60% more terpene content–which means there’s far more flavors for your tastebuds to absorb and an overall more delicious toke.

Terp Juice, nectar, and live resin may be difficult to obtain, but once you get blessed by this “Holy Water”, you’ll understand why the stuff truly matters–and you’ll both see and taste that matter. Just be careful if you’re a rookie–this juice has some serious amounts of THC within her bloodstream.


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