WeedWipes: The Low-Down Review on the Cannabis Resin Remover and Preventer


We received a very nice little package from a company called WeedWipes based out of Colorado. What is WeedWipes? Well let me tell you. Remember back in the day when you would smoke your favorite strain from a corn pipe or how about the Power Hitter, a 1 hitter, or a shotgun? But the true connoisseurs would smoke mostly from a bong or glass pipe.  There is a group of smokers who prefer to smoke paperless via water pipe, glass pipe or bong to released the true flavor of the smoke. One of the down falls to smoking with any glass pipe is the build up of resin. The more you smoke the more it builds, the tougher it is to clean. This is where WeedWipes come in to play.

WeedWipes is a product that claims to make pipe cleaning easier, amongst other resin removing chores. As you know, cleaning the pipe is always that messy job that no one wants to do. You have to get your equipment ready, get your water hot, be ready to shake your butt off and before it is over I usually need the mop. Then there is the brown gooey mess in the sink that is a bitch to clean. Anything to make this job eIMG_20160323_190548asier has to be worth trying. So we decided to give this resin remover and preventer a test and here’s what we found.

WeedWipes arrives in the mail in roughly a 3″x6″ package that is discreetly wrapped. Once opened though, the name WeedWipes is a dead give away, unless your are a good at telling a little fib. “It’s just some weed killer for the yard mom”, To be safe, look out for your mail if you are concerned with you sees your package. After opening the box you will discover that you have a total pipe cleaning kit. The kit consist of an assortment of flexible brushes to clean your collection of pipes, bongs, or vape pens. It also has a convenient container of the WeedWipes resin remover and preventer with detailed instructions.

LoudBank.com loves doing reviews like this because it gives you great reason to smoke. We want to do this right and make sure the water bong was nice and filthy for the testing. As instructed we proceed to empty the bong and filled with hot water. We put some resin remover on the brush and started to coat the inside of the pipe, added dishwashing liquid and began to shake. After a few good shakes, rinsed out the soap and the pipe was clean! This also worked great on our small glass pipes. Again as IMG_20160318_164636instructed we added the drops of WeedWipes to treat our warm water pipe to prevent resin build up and make the next cleaning much easier. Next we proceed to fill the pipe with water and cannabis and smoked till she was plenty dirty. This time it took a lot longer to get dirty, we must have went through about 7 or 8 bowls, and the smoke was still tasting good!  It was a different type of build up. It was more of a tan color, not the dark brown tar look. TheWeedWipes seems to have encapsulate the pipe with a tasteless, colorless oil film, isolating the resin from the glass. Nice concept!

Now was the time we have been wanting for. The water was getting hot as I poured the dirty pipe water out. Then I began to let the hot water flow in and with a couple shakes, I’m done! Rinse without delay the resin washed away.

We gave out a few samples and got nothing but rave reviews. This is an amazing and useful idea, that LoudBank.com would highly recommend.


Here’s a useful tip: Add a few drop of WeedWipes on the threads of your grinder and make it twist like brand new! Be done with the old fashion way. Spend more time smoking and less time cleaning! I got mine, get yours! Follow them on twitter @weedwipes. Thanks weedwipes.com !


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