War On Cannabis Gets Hot

In April, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials seized a large shipment of Stashlogix containers in Los Angeles, referring to the product’s “combination lock, used to prevent children from gaining access to the marijuana contained inside,” as drug paraphernalia and justification for the seizure. Stashlogix makes personal travel and storage cases designed to keep pharmaceuticals, medications and valuables out of reach of kids, pets, or snoops.

Skip Stone founded the company two years ago and has patented the storage cases. Ancillary cannabis businesses have been thought to be the low-risk side of the industry, but that could be changing. Amazon even sells Stashlogix products on their website, so by this logic then Amazon is selling paraphernalia.

“This devastating action by the federal government makes no sense,” said Stone. “While the seizure appears to be legal, denying parents the ability to simply protect their children from cannabis, which is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia, seems absurdly wrong-headed. We wonder if this action marks a fresh effort by the federal government to interfere with states’ rights relative to cannabis laws and business.”

California legalized medical marijuana years ago and is in the process of establishing legal adult use marijuana. So, it seems fairly contradictory to then seize a company that focuses on packaging and specifically packaging that will keep it out of children’s hands.

Source: The War On Cannabis Heats Up

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