Thin Mint Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

Thin-Mint-Girl-Scout-CookiesREVIEW BY: @stonystuff
Name: Thin Mint Cookies, Sun Grown (I/S)
From: Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California (@HHCOAK on Twitter, Facebook)
Cost: $14/g
Cannabinoids: 15.93% THC
Type:  Indica dominant (I/S), Sun Grown
Lineage: Thin Mint Cookies is a phenotype of the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies weed—a cross of F1 Durban [Durban Poison x F1] and OG Kush genetics. Thin Mint relies on its Indica and Sativa genes to produce a fantastic, balanced and always reliable full-body effect—a clear reason why it’s got such a great reputation. And if Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster was real, I’d sleep with one eye open to make sure that the blue, googly-eyed, motherfucker didn’t steal these Cookies.


Looks: My first reaction was, nice! Doused in crystals, the Thin Mint Cookies strain looks as if it was just rolled in powdered sugar. Instantaneously I felt the urge to just bite right into it. With an electrifying highlight of auburn and orange, beautifully embedded in a cluster of deep greens and shades of purple, these nugs are, ahem, were certainly appealing to the eye.

Scent: This strain smells even better than it looks. As I opened the Sun Grown seal of approval top off of the cookie jar, I was overwhelmed by the delicious smell of home-baked wholesome goodness. For a moment, I wondered if the sweet aroma was coming from my neighbor’s kitchen.

Taste: After I broke apart a solid bud and packed it into my pipe, igniting it with delight, the taste was so smooth that I questioned if I inhaled anything but freshly-baked cookies.


High: I was in a severe car wreck in 2006 and although I have healed miraculously, there are some ongoing related issues that I am pleased to have found relief from by using a great Indica-dominant strain like Thin Mint Cookies. The body high it provides is great for middle-of-the-night, wide-awake moments too. For those who have random sleeping patterns or find themselves restlessly tossing and turning at night, this will help. I took a few hits and was calmed and at peace within minutes. When my anxiety was on edge, I found immediate comfort with Thin Mint Cookies.

Buzz Length: Like with many Indica-dominant flowers, the Cookies buzz isn’t as strong or as long lasting as many Sativa-based strains. That being said, and this is coming from someone who is relatively energetic and at times wound up tight, I was able to mellow out considerably for a solid hour from just a few good hits.


Medicinal Applications: The Thin Mint Cookies strain is great for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, chronic pain and stress. It’s also excellent for helping to ease overworked muscles. With the weather changing, depending on location and climate, a person’s joints can really begin to ache in colder weather. Need joint relief? This wonderful strain is absolutely awesome.

Overall: This sample of Sun Grown Thin Mint Cookies strain was from the Harborside Health Center in Oakland which is saturated with amazing high-grade and top shelf strains of all kinds. The overall experience there is top notch all the way around. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you are treated politely by some of the friendliest folks in the business. Plus the place is immaculate and being located near a harbor filled with sailboats the surroundings are spectacular. As for the goods I so thankfully took home, they’re tasty and work well plus knowing that they’re grown under the warm California sun, rather than energy-draining HID lights, I couldn’t be happier.

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