The world of luxury cannabis


Beboe, a cannabis brand launching this week, wants to create high-end products for the discerning marijuana consumer. Its first products–a vaporizer and pastilles–stand out for their elegant packaging and lifestyle marketing.

Founded by Clement Kwan, who previously worked at YOOX/Net a Porter and Dolce & Gabbana, together with Scott Campbell, a well-known tattoo artist, Beboe is meant to appeal to the wider array of consumers who can now enjoy the product now that it is increasingly legal. The products are meant to complement different social settings, such as cocktail hour or afternoon tea.

Each product contains a blend of THC and CBD–two chemical compounds in cannabis–in low doses designed to suit both seasoned consumers and neophytes. Beboe is the first brand in Kwan and Campbell’s new holding company called For Success. They hope to open a free-standing dispensary soon. 

Source: Welcome to the world of luxury cannabis

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