The Low Down Review on The Engenius New Pipes From “Blazin Bottles”

By: A.C. Burgess

Cannabis smoking has been part of society for many centuries. There’s no sense in hitting the cannabis if it’s not done in an efficient way. A cannabis pipe is a custom device used to burn the herb. It is the healthiest method of cannabis smoking. Pipes and bongs have increased in popularity in the last 15 years with the mainstream ganja smoker.

With this being said, Taylor Wiederkehr and a few sober masterminds out of Colorado Springs, Colorado got together during the month of January 2016 and said, “What if we turn a bottle into a steamroller novelty pipe! By mid-February the crew had looked at many prototypes for the design. This involved the tedious task of analyzing 40 different bottle shapes, sizes, colors, 6 different bowl variations, and 12 different carb sizes before coming up with a stock that is appealing and marketable. There is even a stealth Blazin Bottle shaped like a light bulb! Blazin Bottles seem to have fashioned an eclectic set of cannabis steamroller type pipes from highly decorative to classic bottle styles.

This little hobby made March a busy month for the product being that Taylor did a soft launch online. This was basically feeling the waters to see if there indeed was a desire for a product like this, while beginning the patent process.  These guys are serious and work fast. By March 21st 2016 they officially stopped accepting orders as they decided the product was indeed desired by the general public, and began the transition from hobby to a true business known as Blazin Bottles.

By coincidence, during the week of  the cannabis holiday 420, had a chance to  try one of these neat bottle pipes for a review. But before we get into the review we wanted to know more about this great idea call Blazin Bottles. So we we got with Taylor Wiederkehr the CEO and co-Founder of Blazin Bottles and asked him a few questions about this neat product.

So Mr. Wiederkehr, how long has Blazing Bottles been around?

On April 15th of 2016 , we officially launched our company. This official launch included, refreshed packaging for the products, the introduction of our Blazin Ambassador Program, as well as we added the Blazin Kit to each bottle sold. (The Blazin Kit includes – Blazin Bottle Bag, Blazin Bowl Holder, Blazin Bowl, Blazin Party Bowl, 3 rubber gaskets, a 3 x 3 vinyl sticker (our logo) and a welcome letter that is sealed by hand with a maroon wax stamp)

So tell us about the time when you came up with this idea?

On January 26th when the idea was conceived, my father and I were discussing flaws with the $60 steamroller we had just purchased. We were shocked that for $60 we only received a single piece of glass with no labeling, no instructions, not a clue who made it. We also noticed that for the $60 we received a steamroller with a measly 3.5 oz chamber. We also noticed that because the bowl was built into the glass it was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to clean properly, and the bowl was quite large for such a small piece which cause us to use considerably more product than we had been using in the past.

We began brainstorming on how we could correct several issues, and it just so happened that the day before, he and I had bought a couple of Mexican Coke’s from the corner store, and they were sitting in front of us during this discussion. When my father picked up his coke bottle he made the comment “it’s too bad they don’t make steamrollers that are the size of this coke bottle. It sure would make for one hell of a hit!”

It was after this conversation that I began searching and scouring the web for anything similar to what he described. To no avail, I couldn’t find a single representation of what was described. Once we realized that it hadn’t ever been done, we decided to take it upon ourselves to begin the prototyping process.

Were you guys high when you thought of this idea?

No. We were not under the influence when we had this discussion.

What is the future for Blazin Bottles?

The next big thing that we will be launching on June 1st is a program where our customers can send in a bottle of their own and have it turned into a Blazin Bottle! This will include us sending them a packaging kit to send us their bottle, we would then receive the bottle, Modify the bottle, clean and polish the bottle, then send the bottle back to the customer with a Blazin Kit, which includes all of the pieces as stated earlier.

We have begun working on a new cleaning product that is unlike anything that is currently available on the market! We are hoping to file our international patent for the cleaner within the next month, with the hopes to bring the cleaner to market within the next 9 – 12 months. This cleaner will be cheaper than any pipe cleaner on the market to date, and after preliminary testing we have concluded it works considerably better.

What does the future of Blazin Bottles hold? Well, we have A LOT in store for everyone. Some things we can talk about like the new program and the cleaner, other things you will just have to wait and see! We will however say this, we have 2 up and coming projects/products that are truly unique and haven’t ever been done in this industry before. We expect to shake up the industry a bit whenever we do hold a public unveiling.

Sounds like you guys are will be gurus in the business soon enough. We appreciate your time and wish nothing but the best for Blazin Bottles.

So here’s The Low Down review we all been waiting for. The LoudBank had the  opportunity to order our Blazin Bottles directly online . We choose the “Voss” bottle (The Artesian Water from Norway) The bottle is about 9 inches tall and about 2 inches wide and boasting a whooping 13 oz. of pure smoke capacity. The delivery was quick, within 3 days, there she was ready to make her debut. We love the accompanying Blazing Bottles Bag and the royal blue bowl holder/keychain. This may be a good place to hide a few buds too! The Voss bottle came clean, polished and ready for action. The letter of introduction is a very nice touch and includes information about caring and maintaining your Blazin Botttle.

We got out the Loud bud and the lighter and made a decision as to which bowl to use. This was an easy one, the big gold bowl of course. The clear rubber gaskets were already installed on the bowls, so all we need to do was insert the bowl in the chamber between the “V” on the Blazin Bottle. The personal bowl and party bowl are very light weight, but seem to be very durable with a snug fit. We also will note that the carb is located on the bottom center of the bottle. For the first testing hit, we loaded the party bowl with some Sour Diesel and began to smoke. Bang I’m high! NO really, on the first hit I underestimated the power behind this pipe. I also realized why its called a Blazin Bottle. Call me tight eyes! The hit on this is big! I loaded the full 13 oz. of pure dank diesel smoke and let the carb rip! That mouth piece is so large the bottle emptied fast and it took all I could not to lose it! Talk about efficiency, what a hit! If you like it straight to the head, this one is for you. If you have good cannabis, the Blazin Bottle will get you high fast. The bowl is large enough to pass around the room and get a small group very medicated. We continued to smoke and converse over this novelty piece. She is a beauty and has a great hit! For some reason I get a feeling of elegance with the Voss bottle. It looks good.


We love the novelty of this, such a conversation starter! The Blazin Bottles website has a very nice assortment of stealth and semi- stealth bottle pipes. Look around your place and see what goes nice with the furniture then pick a bottle to match the decor or pick your favorite soft drink bottle, bulb or jar. These bottles will look incognito on the shelf or table, therefore not blowing your cover when company arrives.

We also have to give Blazin Bottles cudos for their efforts in making the world a better place by recycling, or making sustainable use of something that would otherwise clutter our precious earth. This is a great product from a great company. Check out their website at and pickup your favorite Blazin Bottle today.  Don’t forget to follow them on the social networks @blazinbottles.

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