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How to grow weed

However, quality DIY growing requires a combination of skills. You need to ace the basics of biology and botany, gear & equipment handling, growing processes and then finally harvesting and getting to a consumable bud. Not to mention those 1001 tricks that go into getting the highest quality product possible, most of which are reserved for expert growers only. But the best part about getting started is that it’s actually very simple, as all you have to do as a beginner grower is mimic the natural environment.

How To Grow Weed

The Most Comprehensive List of Growing Guides & Resources

Back in the day, the most common approach to growing was the plant-and-pray approach. You just plant a seed and then pray to God your plant will start producing a ton of smokeable flowers. Early cultivators (back from BC) didn’t even know how to properly dry and cure buds.

Thankfully, today we have YouTube, blogs, websites and books — all of which shorten the learning time and help us tailor the final product to our liking, from cannabinoid content to flavor. Additionally, we can learn from other people’s mistakes, which are also scattered across the Web.

Today, we take the easy route when it comes to growing weed. That is exactly why we scoured the Internet in search of the best possible resources on growing marijuana, allowing you to finally get started with your favorite future pastime: cultivating high-grade cannabis buds.


Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Bonus: Expert Tips & YouTube Channels

Shoutout to from for sharing this useful information. If you are reading this and seriously thinking about growing your own, don’t keep procrastinating. I encourage you to get the free e-book and study the details. Next, find a nice lil grow spot, plant a seed and enjoy some of the best smoke you could ever have. You own and free.

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