Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Review


Super Silver Haze is a strain of marijuana that has sativa dominant genes and is a combination of Northern Lights, Haze, and Skunk strains of marijuana. It has high levels of THC and some intense effects. Let’s look at some of the best parts of Super Silver Haze.


Because it is sativa dominant, Super Silver Haze affects your brain the most, calming and clearing your thoughts in a pleasant way. It eases any anxiety or negativity you might be feeling, although an “overdose” of this strain could lead to a far more intense high that the average smoker would not enjoy.

It’s also important to look at Super Silver Haze’s indica side, as that is also a part of why this strain is so great. It relaxes the body, causing a couchlock effect sometimes, but other times it can be a good strain to smoke during the day while enjoying the outdoors.


Any fan of Super Silver Haze will be able to recognize it immediately. It is distinct, smooth, and refreshing because it tastes a bit like pine. It is best smoked with a bong or a joint.


Super Silver Haze can also be enjoyed when consumed via a vaporizer. We would suggest using an Arizer Solo vaporizer and setting it to 4, but working your way up to a 6. You will get about ten minutes of good hits. The taste is particularly enjoyable with a vaporizer, as it starts out with the same pine taste as when you smoke it, but its aftertaste is a lovely lemon-like flavor.

Plant appearance

The Super Silver Haze is distinctly sativa in terms of its appearance, and their buds are known to be highly dense but unique compared to other sativas (or indicas, for that matter). The plant is a light green in color, and its THC is white and yellow (leading to the “silver” in its name), with dark orange and red hairs.

Overall, there are some very good reasons for Super Silver Haze’s impressive popularity. It has a pleasant taste, a great and relaxing high, and is a beautiful plant. What more could you ask for?

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