Stunt Gets Youtuber Joel Hradecky of CustomGrow420 Arrested! See video!


A YouTube star who made a name for himself touting weed is facing criminal charges … and the smoking gun is the guy’s own video.

Joel Hradecky and two friends took a trip to the abandoned 348 ft. Vance Creek Bridge in Shelton, WA. The guys lit up blunts and smoked wax as they traversed the steel beams.

No one would have known the trio had trespassed, were it not for the fact that Joel recorded the hijinks and posted it to his YouTube page, which has more than 700,000 subscribers.

Fish and Wildlife officials reviewed the video, and it was clear Joel and company saw the “no trespassing signs.”

There was still the issue of finding them, but it wasn’t hard, because the license plate on their truck was plain as day on the video.

This can possibly hurt his youtube channel since probation leads to drug testing and so forth if he is not in a legal state.

Hey, lesson learned.. see video here

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