Smoking Marijuana DOESN’T lower your IQ

Several studies have claimed youths should stay away from the class B drug.But a team of scientists in the US have now tackled the burning issue – and they say other factors are to blame.

Teens likely to smoke are “probably going to show this IQ drop” whether or not they are actually lighting up, their new study found.

CannabisGETTY FILE PICTURESTUDY: The major findings were released yesterday

The researchers from the Loyola Marymount University in California focused on 3,066 human guinea pigs.They were given intelligence tests at ages 9 to 12 – before any of them had smoked – and again at ages 17 to 20.

Most tests revealed no difference between cannabis users and non-users, but smokers did worse in vocabulary and general knowledge exams.

The study – released by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences – also looked 290 pairs of twins.One twin in every pair had smoked weed – which is legal for medicinal use in California – while the other had not.

But the weed users did not fare worse than their abstaining twin siblings, the Los Angeles-based scientists said.

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