Orange Crush Strain Review

by Matt Price

Loving That California Orange Mother Plant

To begin, the California Orange mother plant is known to be one of the best tasting strains to come out of Humboldt in quite some time. It sets the standard when it comes to citrus strains.

“A sweet smoke with orange undertones; just not as much overall tang flavor as Agent Orange.”

Its distinguishable citrus aroma will leave you wondering if there are a batch of oranges in the vicinity. Sometimes Orange Crush gets name-dropped and is referred to as “Orange,” proving it is distinct enough to grab the one-word nickname.

The only strains I can think of off the top of my head that are more tangy than Orange Crush are Agent Orange, or the original California Orange. These both seem to have reputations that are unparalleled in the cannabis world. If you haven’t tried those yet, and you like Orange Crush, those may be marijuana strains you would be interested in.



A Complex Hybrid With Blueberry Dominance

According to the growers profile, Orange Crush has genetics that are heavy on the Blueberry side of the spectrum. This makes Orange Crush a very easy strain to clone as well as veg — making it a favorite strain among growers.

With Blueberry genetics being the main proponent with Orange Crush, patients can expect this strain to be full-bodied with lots of medicinal benefits. Popular among patients suffering from almost anything, Orange Crush is best for treating chronic aches and pains, chronic headaches and/or migraines, as well as stress and anxiety.


Orange Crush Just Makes You Feel Good

Orange Crush is frequently tested at higher THC percentages, which will equate to an increase in appetite. This… and the fact that it tastes amazing, makes Orange Crush an ideal strain from patients suffering from the side-effects of chemo/radiation that want to gain weight. It is known to relieve stress instantly, all while providing uplifting feelings of joy that are unrivaled by many other Hybrids (that are usually heavier and stonier feeling).

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