Nate Diaz  investigation after UFC star used CBD Oil 

Nate Diaz lit up a vape pen of CBD oil to ease his pain after UFC 202. CBD is similar to medical marijuana and now the US anti-doping agency is launching an investigation into Diaz.

Nate Diaz withstood some incredible punishment at UFC 202 but may be about to take some more as he faces an investigation from the US anti-doping agency.

The Stockton fighter was seen smoking from a vape pen at the post-fight press conference. When asked about it, Diaz explained the substance was called CBD oil which is similar to medical marijuana and used to ease physical pain and trauma.

Cannabinoids are on a list of banned in-competition substances and are a group of closely related compounds found in cannabis. The definition of ‘in competition’ is six hours before the fight and six hours after it, meaning Diaz’s decision to light up at the post-fight press conference could come back to haunt him.

The UFC are partnered with the US anti-doping agency and have cracked down on use of substances on the banned list with numerous fighters receiving bans.

Given that Diaz explained what he was doing in front of media gathered from around the world, there was little chance the indiscretion would not be brought to the attention of USADA.

There are different guidelines from both the Nevada Athletic Comission and USADA regarding testing procedures. For the NAC the process ends with the post-fight sample being given. Whereas the UFC-USADA agreement means the testing period is extended to six hours after the bout.

Diaz lost a hard fought decision to Conor McGregor and was visibly battered after the contest.

He explained that the CBD oil was to ease his pain after the fight and said it: ‘helps with the healing process and inflammation.’

If Diaz is found guilty of using a banned substance ‘in competition’ he could face a suspension.

With such a clamour for a third fight between McGregor and Diaz, the uncertainty thrown up by this latest development puts that possibility up in the air.

Source: Nate Diaz faces anti-doping agency investigation after UFC star smokes cannabis | Daily Mail Online


  1. MMA fighters must endure both physical and psychological discomfort throughout their fighting career. And for obvious reasons, their pain often peaks during and after a fight. Assuming a fighter does not harm him/herself by their choice of pain relief, the type of medication a fighter uses after a bout should not matter. Further, fighters should not be subject to a six hour delay before they are allowed to get relief. Any such delay is actually cruel! If a fighter suffered a broken arm, would the MMA gods demand that he/she wallow in pain for six hours before attempting mitigation? The Nate Diaz situation is similar and some may even suggest the pain and inflammation he had to endure is worse than a broken arm. Nate should be commended for avoiding opioids and seeking relief from a benign substance.

    I am not familiar with the specific information or comments offered at the press conference, but to be clear, CBD oil is not similar to Medicinal Marijuana. As I understand the terminology, Medicinal Marijuana is the whole plant and CBD oil is a non-psychoactive extract. Anyone care to confirm and/or elaborate?

    My first official comment on LoudBank 🙂

    • You make some great points. To wait for pain relief is crazy. Still can’t understand why this is such an issue. There are a few who will continue to live by the old stigmas, and refuse to be educated. I confirm your explaination of the cbd effects.
      I do believe a combination of both THC and CBD adds to the medical effectiveness according to the illness. Of course Diaz did not have both. Bet he wish he did!

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