Missouri’s Cannabis Campaign Takes Flight

In a matter of weeks, our campaign has distributed 10,000 petitions to our volunteer coordinators and petitioners. Petitioners are beginning to swap out their filled and notarized petitions for new blank forms. The weather has treated us extremely well so far, and it only looks to improve as we move towards spring.

With the campaign settling into a rhythm, I thought now would be a good time to explain our strategy for success in the signature gathering drive. Our strategy consists of a few key elements:

Expanded Timeline: I’ve mentioned this before, but the biggest advantage we possess is having over 15 months to collect signatures. That allows us to move at a steady, deliberate pace and will give ample time to adjust to new information as signature totals from each district pour in.

Volunteer Driven: The extra time also allows our strong base of volunteers to play the leading role. We believe that our volunteer petitioners can average 10,000 signatures each month between now and next spring, which will account for the majority of the necessary signatures. We will supplement our volunteer force with a paid signature gathering firm later this year, but for most Missourians who sign the petition, volunteers will be the face of the campaign.

If you are interested in gathering signatures as a volunteer, you should join our volunteer email list and follow our Events page for petitioner training events near you.
Timely Information on Signature Totals: As our signature totals begin to accumulate, we will have every signature checked for validity and congressional district. The problem in 2016 was not in the total number of signatures, but an inefficient distribution across congressional districts.
We must qualify in six of Missouri’s eight congressional districts, so we will gather in all eight congressional districts with volunteers until late this spring when we will check the total number of valid signatures we have in each congressional district. From that point, we will focus our resources on the six districts that have made the most progress towards their qualification totals. We will continue to monitor those districts closely as they approach the target number and, as we reach our goals in some districts, we will encourage petitioners to move into other districts where we still need signatures.
It is a relatively simple plan, but, nevertheless, the task facing us is a monumental one. It will require months of dedication from hundreds of volunteers and sustained financial support from people like you.
Although we have more than a year until signatures must be submitted, if we don’t use each day to our advantage, we will find ourselves scrambling to catch up later. The time to act is now! Volunteer and contribute today!

John Payne
Campaign Manager
New Approach Missouri

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