Making Cool Cannabis Cocktails

By Phillip Smith

Pots fans and cocktail connoisseurs alike can take pleasure in some new advances in experimental mixology, with creative bartenders coming up with new concoctions combining the best of both worlds.

One example comes from a recent episode of Consumed on the everything-foodie website Eater. Host Kat Odell checked out LA’s ultra-hip Gracias Madre, “the 100% vegan organic Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood with a bit of a trail-blazing cocktail program,” and let us in on its secret.

The man behind that program is beverage director Jason Eisner, who has now come out with a line of cocktails with a special twist: a little bit of CBD, or cannabidiol. He adds the product of the pot plant in the form of an oil-based tincture, creating libations like the Stoney Negroni or the Rolled Fashioned.

It’s THC, not CBD, that gets marijuana users high, but CBD is known for soothing and medicinal qualities, and Eisner says it has a calming effect, as well as adding an herbal note.

“It’s going to make you feel fantastic, but it’s not going to mess with your mental state of being,” the earnest, tattooed Eisner explains.

But the very notion of imbibing a weed-infused drink was enough to give Odell something like a contact high. With just one sip, she was off.

“It’s super-buttery and smooth, and you have a very subtle hint of that, like, herbalness from the uh… uh,” Odell searches before bursting out laughing.

Here, you can watch Eisner work his magic and get a mini-lesson on CBDs in the bargain:


Source: Making Ultra-Cool Cannabis Cocktails (Video) | Alternet

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