LEVO: The next level Oil Infusion Station for your herb.

By: A.C. Burgess

The new LEVO has finally arrived in beautiful fashion. A new era of kitchen appliance design and creativity. What is a LEVO? Well it is an ingenious Oil Infusion Station. The LEVO, created by Christina Bellman, takes on the process of transferring flavors or scents into a carrier oil based substance thus infusing flavor or aromas. For example these oils can be olive oil, coconut oil, butter ect. The oils then can be used for aroma therapy, cooking, massages. and so forth.  The flavors and scents can come from herbs, flowers, nuts or spices. This is where your creativity come into play!

Could you imagine a row of spiced infused oils for cooking and baking. Creating garlic oils and vanilla butters. How about the nice gifts you can create. As you know, when they say oil, we’re thinking cannabis, and yes, making your favorite cannabis recipe or medicine comes to mind. Remember the time it takes to make cannabutter? Remember the mess? This appliance gives you control over your product. No need to baby sit the pot or accidently burn the brew. No additional filtering, no more buying infused products and not know what you are really getting.

At first glance the LEVO looks like a new age beverage dispenser and very simple to use, just set the time and temp. This fingertip operation makes it incredibly versatile and a great addition to any personal kitchen, restaurant, bakery or lab.

Here we have Christina Bellman, another strong and motivated woman in the cannabis industry seeing a need and going for it. When we caught up to her, I could not resist asking a few questions about the LEVO.

Hi Cristina! How is the daily stress of bringing an exciting new product to the masses treating you? It’s crazy, but I’m feeling more energized and fulfilled than ever. Laser focused on transforming as many kitchens with LEVO as possible.

To start may I may ask, what did you like to do for fun as a kid? I loved to use my imagination to make an adventure out of playing the in backyard. I would enjoy it even more if my dog was by my side!

I ask that because you seem to be a very smart go-getter with a passion for success and wondered if your were like that as a kid. I was always the kind of kid who was trying to talk other kids into going on an adventure and had perpetually scraped up knees.

When did you start using cannabis and when did you determine that the “field of cannabis” is something you wanted to pursue other than just being a user? It was less of my own usage and more of my vision for empowering others to consume more wholesome, medicated foods. That made me frustrated by the way Cannabis is treated so differently than other beneficial herbs. I’m passionate about bridging the gap between holistic wellness + natural foods and cannabis.

Is the Levo your first cannabis venture? Yes! I waited for years to launch at the right time, taking that time to prototype. 

The colors of the Levo are stunning! With all the designs, setbacks  and prototypes, did you think it would ever turn out to be this nice? Thank you! For years, especially when I was in NYC, I questioned how I would execute and get LEVO out there, but I never stopped putting one foot in front of the other. I could not extinguish the flame, even when the go-forward plan was not crystal clear. An incredible amount of sweat and tears has gone into it, but I would encourage anyone who has a vision to get after it. No one else shares that vision, so it’s yours for the taking.

We love this new product. It would be great addition for those creative cooks. Can it be used with any herb? Absolutely! We like to say “an herb is an herb is an herb,” which just means to say that all aromatic herbs have wholesome benefits! Pack more flavor into food by infusing the fat ingredient called for by any recipe. For example, infuse your coconut oil with vanilla before using in cake mix! Restaurants blow your mind with these kind of tricks all the time.

So lastly, it looks like you have a great team behind you. What is the ultimate goal for you and your team with Levo? I am the luckiest Founder in the world to have had a core team that surfaced itself to me. I am surrounded by people who completely understand LEVO’s vision and work tirelessly everyday to execute their piece. I love having experts working for me who can do certain things better than I can do myself. I learn from my team everyday. You cannot force anyone to get behind a vision; they truly have to share it and see it for themselves.

We wish you guys the best and see this as being very beneficial to those who prefer not smoke cannabis and need an alternative way to consume.  Thank you so much! We hope LEVO helps people make fresher infusions more often. We want to change the culture around infused cooking to give the power back to the people!

You can find out more about the Levo at LEVOoil.com.

Follow the Levo team on twitter @LEVOoil

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