Legal Highs with Flight AMS from Europe

By: Peter Thorton

Many Americans are celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana use in several states across the nation. However, over here in most countries in Europe, we’re still stuck in the past.  My partner and I launched our legal highs business, 

Flight AMS, nearly a decade ago to provide an alternative for people that wanted to enjoy themselves, but didn’t wanna mess with the legal hassle.

Increasingly, our customers are people with families and good careers that aren’t willing to risk that just for some fun and relaxation. Plus, we deliver right to their door, so pretty convenient. 

A lot of those really involved in the cannabis community look down on the synthetics and herbal highs that our company and so many others offer here in Europe. They’ll often complain the high isn’t the same.

Well, of course it’s not. Many of us would like to be able to purchase regular marijuana as well, but it’s not always a great option. Some of the synthetics and alternative herbs offer some pretty sweet results as well. Most of our business is word-of-mouth and repeat customers, so it’s clearly got an appeal to it.

Now, running a legal highs shop isn’t always easy. Just like bong manufacturers and sellers in the US, the laws are constantly changing and you have to be quite careful to ensure you’re always on the right side of it. 

And that’s just for the US. Think of us. We’ve got all of Europe with like 30 different countries and laws in as many different languages. It ain’t easy, but we enjoy it and people are able to enjoy our products free of the worry of any legal troubles.

While it’s not the same, if you’re ever in Europe, check us out. And sorry, but we don’t sell to the US, so it’s a good excuse to plan a backpacking trip, if you ask me.

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