JBdabs Premium Custom-made DAB tools!

JBdabs Premium Custom-made Dab Tools

by MMJBillboard

Expertly designed and flawless.  These tools win a ‘Best in Class’ award.  Know your products & these should be the only tools you’ll need. Top shelf and the best available, I wouldn’t use anything else.  JBdabs.com has an awesome selection and my favorite is the one custom-made for me!  To celebrate this you can save with code mmj.

Jbdabs.com offers Premium and Original Tools!   There’s so many options to fit your individual needs.  These tools won’t be compromised under high heat, over time, water or pressure like other tools made from lesser quality materials.  These are made in the USA using certified materials.  Share this, it’s time to raise awareness.  Time to know your products and do your research!

Some of the benefits of JBdabs tools:  water proof, reduce contamination, cleaner experience, portable.

key-chain tool There’s too many amazing tools available at JBdabs.com to list them all.  Visit their site for an impressive and complete selection.  It’s convenient to have the key-chain options for on-the-go.  The screw on caps keep them secure and clean, which is brilliant.  These tools will last.  No bending or wearing down.   I’ve had my selection of Jbdabs tools for around a year now and they are still in excellent like-new condition.  Each tool finds it’s optimum use as I go along.  They stand neatly upright.  Or stay ready & perfectly contained.  JBdabs tools have been beyond convenient, practical and useful.  I like to give these to friends so they have a safe reliable tool to use.  Education and awareness is key.  Quality is truly important.  Know your source!  Experience the difference here.

Are you a someone who would like custom-made tools?!  Submit a custom or wholesale order at JBdabs.com.  JBdabs tools are a perfect addition to trade-shows, dispensaries, festivals and events!

More about Jbdabs from their site.

The original JB Dabs is part of a high-end design and manufacturing company located in the Pacific Northwest.
Our team has decades of experience and knowledge in the metal and plastic products industries.
With our vast experience base, we consistently produce best in class products sold and used worldwide.
Raw stock is certified USA melt, no imported and unknown metal or plastic in our products.
As a customer of JB Dabs™ your “safe for use” and “satisfaction” will always be our number one priority.
We offer an unconditional product guarantee, because our products are 100% USA made.
“Buy what you know, know what you buy.”

Check them out today!  Save with code mmj.  JBdabs.com

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