How important is pruning your Cannabis plant

Not all growers are into pruning because they like to let things happen naturally. However, it can be very useful when done correctly.

Pruning can be a crucial way of getting the healthiest and best growing plants.

The basics

In essence, pruning is simply clipping pieces of a plant off. The death of a certain amount of leaves is normal, and if you remove them swiftly your plant will waste less resources. It also encourages new branches to grow on your plants. More branches means a higher yield!

One way of pruning you may want to consider is, once these new branches start sprouting leaves, removing the original shade leaves from which they grew. They will yellow and die eventually anyway. emoving these leaves also provides more sunlight to the smaller leaves closer to the base of the plant, which gets them to grow faster and produce more chlorophyll. There are different pruning methods and I’ll discuss them below. It’s up to you to decide which method works best for you.

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Topping marijuana plants involves cutting off the main shoot at the top, thus stimulating the growth of more shoots and branches. You can decide to start topping as soon as your plant seems strong enough. Check for the secondary growth that is located near the low nodes – this is a reliable sign that your plant can withstand topping. After your plant’s fifth leaf pair has popped up, you can safely cut off the main stalk.

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stretched seedlings

Super cropping

The basic idea behind super cropping is crushing the stem’s soft interior. Just like with any injury, animal or plant, breaking the tissue down will cause it to be rebuilt more strongly. When you crush the inside of the stem (which is where nutrients and water are transported), it will be rebuilt thicker and stronger, allowing for even more efficient transport for these key elements. The whole plant will become healthier if you pinch the center stem. If you pinch the branches on the side, you can control the shape of your plant. You can simply (and gently) bend the branch in whatever direction you want it to grow. The best time to carry out super cropping is the second or third week of your plant’s vegetation stage.

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The letters “LST” stand for “Low Stress Training.” LST is a type of pruning (or, more accurately, a type of training) that involves tying down your marijuana plant, thus stimulating the growth of all the shoots newly placed above the main stalk. The key thing to remember with this method is to never rush. This is a technique that takes time and patience, and anyone who tries to do it too quickly will have poor results.

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I hope you can put these tips to use in your grow.

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