How to hide the smell of weed

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How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

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What’s the first thing you do when you get that bag? You put your schnoz right to it. And after that? You might keep it in a mint box at the back of a drawer because if it’s out on a shelf it will stink up the room. You might hesitate to hotbox your washroom because, well, that whiff will linger. Before you make any cannabutter, you pause, because you know there’s a scented trade-off to that confection, compared to even the cheesiest of oven snacks.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Weed doesn’t necessarily smell bad. But if it’s good, it smells strong. And for so many out there, that’s a problem. Every dedicated smoker needs to know how to hide the smell of weed.

Maybe you have family coming over. Maybe you don’t want your car to smell like marijuana in case the cops pull you over. Maybe your landlord is popping by to fix something. Maybe you just don’t want to live in the dank odor of resin all hours of the day. Whatever the reason, in all of these situations, we’ll tell you how to hide the smell of weed.

How To Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your House

Whether it’s because there’s three feet of snow outside or 10 feet between your couch and the door, for one reason or another you’ve decided to smoke inside. Now, after all the fun is said and done, you’re left wondering how to hide the smell of weed. The immediate methods are not unlike the maneuvers you play after, say, accidentally burning a plastic spatula. It’s all part of the routine.

You got windows? Open them and let that fresh air in. You got kitchen or washroom vents? Turn them on and force that stinky air out. You have Febreze around? Let it spray and shower down upon you like party confetti. Got those plug-ins? Find a socket. You have incense or scented candles? A little on the inconspicuous side, but if you need to hide the smell of weed in a hurry, then you’ve got to cover that smell in a hurry.

If you think this will happen on more than one occasion, that you’ll often ask yourself how to hide the smell of weed, consider developing a green thumb. I mean, the conventional kind of green thumb. Keeping other, slightly scented houseplants around might just blend the one good plant’s aroma with the others. Like camouflage for the nose. Plus you’ll have a bunch of nice plants around. Two birds with one stoned.

Also, try not to smoke around pillows, blankets or towels unless you’re also game to take them down to the laundry room.

How to Hide The Smell Of Weed In Your Car

Listen. There’s a whole dang cottage industry of products to help you resolve how to hide the smell of weed in your car. Fast foods. Bad farts. Long stretches of farm country. Your post-hot boxing weed smell is just one part of a vast universe of smells that someone out there has designed a tool to take on.

If you have a canister of Febreze laying around then give it a few swirls. Your car should certainly have some air vents to exercise so blast those too to hide the weed smell.

There are, of course, automobile specific methods to use for resolving how to hide the smell of weed too. Are dangling air fresheners campy? Yes. But those flat dangling pine trees were invented for a reason. This reason! Next time you pass through a gas station consider picking some up. They aren’t just sitting by the lottery cards for kitsch reasons. Or, at least not entirely for kitsch reasons.

When you’re ready to drive again, consider taking a short joy ride with the windows rolled down, avoiding any neighbors you might worry about judging you. Or, fuck it, peel right by them. Let them judge. They’re not the ones dealing with this dilemma of how to hide the smell of weed.

If there are carpets or fabrics in your car, consider going at them with a vacuum, sucking out the scent buried deep in the upholstery. While you’re down there, look for some spare change. Then buy a soda. Treat yourself.

How To Smoke Weed Without Smell

The best offense is a good defense, they say. And if you’ve got some foresight, then maybe you’re game to do some preventative things to tackle your little weed smell problem.

How you smoke drastically changes how much of a weed smell is left behind. Joints, blunts and bongs tend to leave their plumes lingering, leaving you with the most weed smell to deal with. Vape pens, however, are known to leave less of an aroma, or at least a less offensive one. Even one-hitters are less offensive.

Obviously, edibles won’t spread much of a scent unless you go around burping in people’s faces, you weirdo. The same cannot be said of making edibles, however, which can leave one hell of a weed smell.

You can also try fashioning yourself a ‘sploof.’ A popular and easily MacGyvered device, a sploof is essentially a silencer for your smoke. They’re commonly made using a toilet paper or paper towel roll, with either a tissue, dryer sheet, rag or sock wrapped around the end with a rubber band. Then keep it on you while you puff. Inhale your good stuff, then exhale it through the sploof. You might look a little dorky blowing into a paper tube. If you prefer sploofing in style, consider picking up one of many commercially available ones on the market.

Where you store your green will also make a big difference. You probably already keep your bud in some kind of Ziploc bag but you can do a lot better. A lot of camping equipment stores carry air-tight plastic cases meant to keep goods and small electronics dry on canoe trips. They’re just as handy for keeping the weed smell from reeking up your room. If you’d prefer something a little less sporty, use one of those old plastic Game Boy game cases as a snuff box.

How To Get Rid Of Marijuana Smell From Clothes

So the room is smelling better, but don’t neglect the source: yourself! Consider changing shirts, popping a few mints into your mouth and, if you can, taking a shower. In one of those ‘the symptoms are the cure’ cases, you can also eat your way out of having weed breath. Chow down on some sweet citrus fruits or yummy chocolates. It’s not a bad idea after a joint anyway.


How do you get rid of the smell?

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