How The King is Changing the 420 Industry.


The King Brand introduces the first ever Herb Enhancer to the 420 industry. The only product in the world that can make your smoke duration last up to 5 times longer. That blunt you smoked for 8 minutes can now turn into 40 minute session. That 37% of THC you took in from your joint can now turn into upwards of 90% because of the slow burning caused by The King.

The King Herb Enhancer allows you to enjoy the most out of your strain of marijuana while allowing not only what you have rolled to last longer, but your high to last longer.

All of the ingredients in the herb enhancer are food-grade ingredients. It is a propriety blend of natural ingredients including molasses, honey and other vegetable byproduct. These ingredients are also found in their herbal hookah shisha which they have been distributing since early 2012.

While The King continues to bring an innovative side to the industry, keep an eye out for their Flavored Corn Husk Rolling Papers set to launch soon.

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