Getting Medical Marijuana in Florida

Over 50,000 residents of Florida now have permission to buy medical marijuana, thanks to the legalization of medical marijuana in the state. Sales have been phenomenal, and a lot of people are now enjoying marijuana products.

There are two ways by which Medical Cannabis can be obtained in Florida.

One way of doing so is to obtain a medical marijuana card. To obtain a medical marijuana card, you must be a legal resident of Florida, and you must have a medical condition on the approved list or a medical condition that is considered eligible by qualified medical personnel. If you need to get a medical marijuana card, it is quite easy to apply for one here.

If you are finding it difficult to obtain a the legal medical marijuana card, there is no need for you to worry. You can still buy CBD hemp oil—which does only contain a very small amount of THC and you do need any extra legal document to buy it. Good CBD options can be found here.

If you obtain a medical marijuana card, is good to know that medical marijuana is not covered by the insurance companies and dispensaries accept both debit cards and cash, but they do not accept credit cards. There is a federal prohibition on marijuana that hinders credit card issuers from accepting marijuana transactions.    

Not all the doctors in Florida are licenced “marijuana doctors” receptive to prescribing medical marijuana. Until now over 1000 doctors in Florida have taken a course that will allow them to be able to recommend marijuana. You have to make a little search online to find the marijuana doctors in Palm Beach for example. The certification course is necessary before the doctors can be qualified to certify patients that can use medical marijuana. The examination and the course cover some hours under some laws passed under Amendment 2 and SB-8A.

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