Get Ready For Cannabis School

As Labor Day approaches, you may be asking yourself, “What did I learn this summer, aside from the fact that no one in Portland seems to grasp that a linen shirt is a viable alternative to a cotton T-shirt when it’s 105 degrees?” My friends, there is still time to get yourself some schooling, and the Cannabis Science Conference wants to make you smarter than you already are about the jazz tobacco (AKA the devil’s lettuce [AKA weed]). This isn’t your roommate’s cannabis event, insofar as there wont be slack-jawed bros dabbing in the parking lot, nor tie-dye-clad fairies hula hooping while high on microdoses of shrooms. (Okay, it’s Portland, so that may well be happening, but it’s not conference related…) No, this conference is for people who enjoy multi-syllable words and immersing themselves in the boogieman of the GOP: science.

The event, which kicked off this morning, is a three-day undertaking at the Oregon Convention Center, and bills itself as the “world’s largest cannabis science expo.” I have no reason to doubt them, especially when you peep the lineup of speakers and topics. Smartypants from around the world will hold forth on such subjects as “Cannabis as Immune Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy,” “Understanding Pain in Aged Care: Exploring the Nature and Treatment of Chronic Pain in the Australian Aged Care Setting,” “Compounding With Cannabis Oil,” and “Comprehensive Analysis of Cannabis Sativa from Cannabinoids to Terpenes Using Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) Gas Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry,” which is what you were just talking about with friends over drinks last week. Among the keynote speakers are longtime medical cannabis advocate Montel Williams, with his talk “A Patient’s Perspective on the Endocannabinoid System.” The two days are packed with information for growers, processors, medical and recreational users, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the plant and its many uses.

Based on the multi word talk titles, I would suggest sticking with an array of Sativa if you plan to be high during the conference. Tickets are going fast, but you can grab yours here.

Source: School Is In—Cannabis School, That Is – Blogtown – Portland Mercury

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