Do you grow your marijuana naturally already?


Today I will be talking about growing marijuana naturally. Reduce your dependency on chemicals and help the environment!

If you grow your own marijuana, there are many simple changes you can make to reduce your dependency on chemicals and fossil fuels.

Growing naturally benefits you by:

– saving you money
– keeping your grow stealthier
– giving you better tasting buds
– helping you help the environment

This all is possible without sacrificing yield!

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There are a few terms that I will define before I move on:

Organic grow
Organic certification of fruits, vegetables and meats require strict adherence to federal guidelines regarding the use of chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics, among other things. Growing organically is expensive and not necessarily the healthiest or most efficient system.

Natural grow
By natural I mean using sustainable, renewable methods to produce high yields and potent buds without breaking the bank or your back.

Biodynamic grow
Biodynamic farmers use more esoteric methods. They consider the cycles of the moon to time plantings and harvests, prepare homeopathic style remedies for the Earth and work carefully to improve the soil.

Ideally you should grow marijuana outside if you want to go all natural. The natural soil provides nutrient; the sun provides light; the rain gives the water and the entire life cycle of marijuana plants progresses naturally. This is not always possible, due to stealth concerns, climate and light cycles. After all, what if you need a crop to mature in the middle of winter?

An indoor grow will of course use more resources. It’s wise to choose feminized strains, because why waste weeks on paying for lighting for male plants that you eventually will throw away? Also, if you train your plants with the Sea Of Green method or LST you will help your plants take advantage of the light as much as they can. These techniques boost yields while reducing the energy requirements of the entire system.

As for outdoor, you have to choose the right strain for your climate of course. You can use mulch to help prevent evaporation and keep water in the soil. Water your plants smartly! Water at night or in the evening to reduce evaporation. Once the plants are three to four weeks old, start watering deeply just twice a week. This will encourage the plants to develop strong, deep roots instead of staying at the surface.

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Happy Growing!

Robert Bergman | I Love Growing

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