Dispensary Specializes in Cannabis for Children

by ireadculture

Sunday was Epilepsy Awareness Day, also known as “Purple Day.” Both adults and children who suffer from epilepsy understand how it can hinder or effect their daily lives. Thankfully, certain strains of cannabis has become famous for their ability to treat people with such conditions. Now, even some dispensaries are focusing strictly on the production of cannabis that is used to treat such a condition.

Businesses such as Jayden’s Journey in Modesto don’t look like a typical dispensary. In fact you would likely pass right by it without an inkling that they sell life-changing medicine inside. There are no neon cannabis leaves or green crosses outside, and the inside is devoid of the standard décor, but for kids like Zoe Ridenour, it has everything they need.

Zoe is living a healthier life now, but it wasn’t always so easy. Eighteen months ago, Zoe’s mother Sherry Poe began treating her daughter with cannabis-infused oil and the results were immediate. “I went up four grade levels in school,” Zoe said. Poe recalls how cannabis has benefited her daughter where prescription drugs had failed.  “She started getting tics, crying all the time,” said Poe. “At one point she told me she didn’t want to live anymore.”

The positive sentiment was shared by numerous patrons and employees of Jayden’s Journey. “What it does is called neuropsychophysiology, it makes the neurons flow back and forth and communicate,” said Jason David, the president of Jayden’s Journey. “There’s no other medication in the world that does that.”

The dispensary is named after David’s son, after he used cannabis to treat his son and saw first hand the healing power of cannabis oil. Jayden’s Journey has patients as young as six months old, and while he understands that there is still a stigma associated with cannabis that might raise an eyebrow or two, it is better than the alternative.

“A quarter million people die a year from pharmaceuticals, the same ones we give our children, and no one says a word,” David told FOX40. “When a child is sick the whole family is sick, and someone has to make a change.”

There are many families whose children are still suffering from epilepsy with no signs of hope from traditional prescription methods. Days such as “Purple Day” are the perfect reason for the cannabis community to come together and spread the word about cannabis’ miraculous healing properties.

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