Check Out Snoop Dogg’s Custom Cookie Jar Sized Nug Jug

Snoop Dogg’s custom nug jug, completed on December 28, is a real beauty. Capable of holding up to an entire pound of sticky icky, this is some highly functional glass. It makes sense just how highly functional this cookie-jar sized nug jug truly is, as It was created by a highly functional glass blower.

The glass is the result of a collaboration between legendary glass blower Jerome Baker of Jerome Baker Designs and Nastee Glass. The nug jug, rumored to be worth about $18,000, is a connoisseur’s wet dream, and even has Snoop’s alias emblazoned in gold leaf on the dark blue glass container, which reflects its surroundings like an emerald in a field.



With beginnings in the influential Eugene glass blowing scene of the early 1980s, Mr. Baker served as an apprentice under Bob Snodgrass, the godfather of the modern glass movement.

Mr. Baker has laid low since his arrest in the DEA’s Operation Pipe Dreams. While on parole, he served as the lead designer for the state-of-the-art glassblowing program at the University of Oregon. He found a niche for himself in recent years working on non-functional, high-end glass art under sunny climes on the island of Maui.

Throughout the nineties, as Snoop enjoyed multi-platinum success as one of the leaders of the West Coast rap movement, Mr. Baker enjoyed success with his “functional” glass pieces, long known for being among the most sought after designs on the market.

Source: Check Out Snoop Dogg’s Custom Cookie Jar Sized Nug Jug

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