Youth Marijuana Use Isn’t Increasing After States Legalize


For good reason, there’s a lot of interest in tracking marijuana use trends in the era of legalization, especially as it concerns youth consumption. Thankfully, there’s been a great deal of research examining these trends—and a meta-analysis published this week in the journal Current Addiction Reports took a holistic look at the…

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Is today’s cannabis much higher in potency than 25 years ago?

By Francois Marchand Ready to relive those fond memories of puffing on cheap grass and blasting Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland? Thanks to science, get ready for a whole new experience. A lot of our fuzzy feelings toward legalization may be based on hazy memories of decades past, rather than the high-potency strains available…

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Cooking with Cannabis for Labor Day? Here’s What You Need to Know

By Kelsey Butler | If you think marijuana’s only connection to food are memories of satisfying your munchies with drive-thru nachos or packaged foods, you’ll be surprised to find out that cannabis and cuisine can have a much higher brow relationship. In fact, experts say that cooking with cannabis can lead to some mouth-watering meals and…

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