Budda Clean the New EZ Breezy Rig Cleaner

By: A.C. Burgess

Finally a way to organically get that Dab Rig clean and keep it clean. Introducing Budda Clean the real deal rig cleaner, also better known as the dope-ass rig cleaner. Todays Dab Rigs have sophisticated flair and designs full of nooks and crannies that make it easy to trap resins and waxes. This will require a tough cleaner that can get in those places and tackle the thick, hard after product of dabbing.

There are quite a few different rig cleaners out on the market. Though this article is in no way a direct side by side comparable test to any of them, what we do know is that some cleaners are good and some are not, but the real issue here is this. None of those rig cleaners are as economical as Budda Clean for one. Two, some use chemicals to clean the inside of your rig, possibly leaving a residue or layer of film that no one wants to inhale. And third, others use fragrances to mask the smell and add dyes and fillers to make their product look appealing. Hence the organic element of Budda Clean, no chemical, no dyes, no fillers.

We got our load of Budda Clean with discrete packaging in a couple days and was ready to clean the dishes. Did I mention the free shipping? You can also subscribe at buddaclean.com/join-now and have this product shipped monthly so you don’t run out. A great idea to help avoid those embarrassing moments when you have company and the rig is not fresh because you are out of Budda Clean.

If you don’t like to waste, decide if you are interested in collecting your reburn, or reclaim from the inside of the rig prior to using Budda Clean. If you don’t reclaim any, that’s cool too! Once you have collected reclaim to your heart’s content, you can use Budda Clean to detail your rig and get it back to shiny as new.


All you do is pour a pack of pre-measured Budda Clean magic dust and two tablespoons of the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to wet things up. Shake and swirl for 60 seconds. Rinse real good and you are done with the inside. Budda Clean just polished the glass to a crystal clean mirror finish while eliminating all the odors for a fresh smoke every time. I wiped the the outside clean with a damp cloth. Now my rig was shining and hitting like brand new again. Budda Clean should be great for those not-so expensive rigs and the very expensive complicated rig with hard to reach areas that seem to collect resins, as well as cleaning your water bongs and pipes. Get your subscription filled for monthly delivery with free shipping on this organic rig cleaner here.

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