“Baked Goodes” the edible cannabis mini series

Have you heard of Baked Goodes? Well it’s a funny little satire about a few friend going through life and trying to find their way. Not only do they share life’s lessons, they also share the need to be successful in the baking business. When that does not go to well, the crew decides to expand the baked product line by adding a little twist to the ingredients. And that ingredient is cannabis! Things are bound to take a different direction.

When your traditional baking venture isn’t working what do you do? You enter the world of marijuana edibles! In the web-series “Baked Goodes” cousins Julie and Angela Goode seek to revitalize their withering bakery business by catering to 420-friendly clientele. They face trials and tribulations as their new business model is technically illegal and, according to Julie, morally corrupt. Their old school stoner neighbor Jan (pronounced JOHN) acts as guide into the world of marijuana and also offers up nuggets of real world wisdom along the way. Along their journey, the cousins must face the manipulative Landlord’s Daughter, threats to cast them out of their market, and costly mishaps in trying to please LA’s A-list celebrities. Are marijuana edibles the answer to salvaging their business?

Loudbank had a chance to speak with Erin Dooley who is one of the five producers and writers. She was also the Assistant Director on set. Our conversation went as follows:
I would like to start off by asking who’s engenius idea was it to try to get into the cannabis market with a TV show?
The group formed when one of the producers, Molly Reynolds, posted in a women in comedy Facebook group to see if anyone would be interested in getting together to make a project. A number of women attended an initial meeting where ideas were brainstormed. At the second meeting, the five of us who ended up producing as well as two or three others ended up settling on this idea. Oddly enough, we get asked this question quite often and we can’t officially remember who specifically came up with the idea. The five of us produced the series “by committee” – all of us discussing and coming to agreement, which seems to have started from the very beginning with the genesis of the series!
So your on the 13th episode, how long have you and the crew  been working on this project?
The first meeting was in June of July 2015. We started writing in August of 2015, went into production in February of 2016 and finished post production in early 2017. We released the episodes on April 20, 2017 (420!)
Are you a real cook and what do you enjoy the most about this TV show?
None of the producers are cooks or bakes by trade. However, Molly, who plays Julie Goode, does do some baking. The bakery items we used as props were all made by one of the producers.
If you had a choice, what celebrity Stoner would you like to have on the show?
We did have versions of scripts with some celebrity stoners in case we could get the cast. The episode “420 Frenzy” features an actor who plays Seth Rogen’s assistant since we couldn’t reach him personally to do a cameo. In the episode “Let’s Get Baked and Bake” we originally featured Snoop Dogg in a brief cameo with Jan’s character but that was rewritten. If we do a season two, we’d welcome guest stars!
Is Youtube the only place to watch the show? What other media outlets do you use or plan to use?
Currently the series is on YouTube. We are exploring other options but nothing is definitive right now.
To watch all the episodes for this  season, visit: http://bakedgoodes.com/
Follow them on twitter @bakedgoodes

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