Are you ready to transplant your plants?

By: Robert Bergman | I Love Growing

This week I will be talking about transplanting your plants. It may seem overwhelming, but when properly researched it can be done with ease by just about anyone.

Now let’s dive into the subject of transplanting!

Why transplant?

The right time to transplant your cannabis plants is when they have an established, sturdy root system in place. The plant is ready to focus its energy on vegetative growth now, so it needs to be moved to a better location for such a task.

You will need to educate yourself about how to do this properly, since making even a small mistake during the process could have a devastating effect. You will also have to carefully choose where you are going to put your cannabis plants permanently to live out their adult lives.

Transplanting cannabis plants at this stage is always necessary, regardless of how you sprouted your plants to begin with. They simply cannot thrive if they are grown in containers for their whole lives, so you cannot avoid the transplantation process. The best way to deal with this is through research and planning.

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Indoor or outdoor?

If you want more control over the environment in which your plants are growing, you may be interested in setting up a permanent grow site indoors. With this method, you can grow all your plants in larger separate containers of some sort (check these containers). This can be a great way to ensure the health of your plants since you would control every aspect of their lives.

On the other hand, growing your cannabis plants indoors will also require you to use a lot more money, time, and effort.

For growers on a budget or who prefer a more natural method of growing, setting up a grow site outdoors might make the most sense. It costs much less in both money and effort.

That being said, with this method it is even more important to choose the right grow site for your plants, since it will have a significant effect on both the environment around your plants, as well as your own personal security. It will need to be a safe place with easy access, where you can ensure safety for both yourself and your cannabis plants.

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Tips for transplanting

When you are transplanting your cannabis plants, there are a few specific things you should be sure to avoid. The following steps are most important to remember when going through a transplant:

  • Avoid watering your plants for a day or two before the planned transplant.
  • Always take care of the roots. In other words, don’t touch them. The less the roots are disturbed during the transplant, the more likely that it will be successful.
  • Use nutrients that are only half-strength in your water, and water your plant immediately after its transplant.
  • Avoid hitting your plant with intense light in the first one or two days directly after the transplant.

The whole process can be risky, but when some simple measures are taken to lower that risk, you should have a highly successful transplant and harvest.

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