All Dabs No Torch: Here’s The Torchless Nail Review

By A. C. Burgess

Dabs are taking on a whole new level in the way that they are consumed. Some of us remember the days when smoking a joint or taking a few hits off a pipe was about the most you could get or do when it came to enjoying some good cannabis, (or good weed as they called it back then). So when you wanted to take it up a notch, you could get some hash or settle for a “shotgun”… Remember that! If you don’t, ask a stoner from the 70’s.
To kick it up a notch today, stoners are taking advantage the quick effects and benefits of dabbing. Some people dab for medical purposes and others for recreation. Some of these dabbers are straight SMOKERS! Those with the resources are dabbing grams at a time. If you need to know more about dabbing.. Google it.

In comes the Torchless Nail, a great lil peace bringing some safety back to medicating and recreational dabbing. We got the Torchless Nail box in for a try.  We unwrapped it and was very delighted to see the awesome Loudbank neon green Torchless Nail Logo, colors as represented by Loudbank. They call it Sour Apple Green. So she arrived in this nicely packed black cardboard box. It contained everything you need to safely do some serious dabs.

Upon further investigation of the Torchless nail, I found a power cord to accommodate a powerful looking power pack that discharge the correct amount of heat to each and every dab you take. It also had 1 glass element holder 19mm male, and 1 glass element holder 14mm female that attach to your bong for easy hitting. That is correct, you just put them on the water bong you already have for this baby. The 3.6 volt rechargeable power pack has velcro straps attached to secure it to the bong. Use the power cord to give this Torchless Nail some life. Then you attach the heat element consisting of 99.6% pure titanium to the bowl and you are set. The Torchless Nail heats to 500 degrees in 2 seconds. This means no more waiting for a hot nail. No More running out of butane. No more worries about fire. No more waiting to get to medicate. Just plain safe and convenient.

The power pack has a nice little black bottom on the back at the bottom, which is a convenient location since you can just hit it with your thumb to take a hit. I was glad to see this, because the nature of dabbing with a torch is a bit challenging. How long should I heat the nail? Will I overheat my resin. Careful where you put that thing when you start to puff. The torch can be vary dangerous to handle for the newbie. With the Torchless Nail, no more worries of burning down the house. Here’s a few more feature and major advantages to using a Torchless Nail.

The best features of the Torchless Nail are:
• The use of butane is no longer needed.
• Small size and portability
• Accommodates a Male and female glass
• Fires up Quick (no torch required)
• Multiple Colors ( We love the Loudbank Neon Green)
• Bowl and element allows up 1500 uses
• Battery pack allows 300+ charges
• Rechargeable Power pack

To prepare your device for use, click the switch on and hold for 2 seconds to clean off dust or any residual materials. Allow 5 seconds for the element to cool. Apply one drop of oil, or an equivalent piece of wax, into the cold well, using a precision tool. Hold on until the material has vaporized, after which release the switch. Hold on for only 2 seconds or the unit may over-heat. Do not overfill, as the oil will spill out alongside with heating and boiling. More than one drop may be applied in a single use, providing you allow the element to re-heat between drops. Element cools with the air passage through it. If the element gets too hot, release the switch. When the battery pack is no longer able to heat the element adequately, plug the charger into the battery pack. Do not use any other battery charger other than the one provided with the pack. The light on the charger will turn from red to green once charging is complete. Do not click and hold the switch on for more than 4 seconds at a time as this may cause overheating and permanent damage to the unit.

 The Torchless Nail delivers a perfect hit every time. If you have concerns about dabbing because it looked dangerous, then now is your turn get with the program and try a dab or two. After trying the Torchless Nail, I notice no difference in the dab hit than using a torch. As a matter of fact it was better since there was no waiting, just medicating.   Simple low temp dabs at it’s finest.

                                                                               rates the Torchless Nail a 5 Star!

Try a Torchless Nail out for yourself at and put that torch and butane back in the tool box.






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