A growers vision of cannatourism: The Doob Ranch

By: Jason “Aka Crazybatmanfan” Osborne |

Jason standing between 2 enormous cannabis trees that he raised from seed.

Where it all began….

My experience in cannabis begins like most, a teenager smoking “pot” listening to music. No high and mighty medical need, although I believe I was medicating myself for personal reasons now. I certainly wasn’t interested in anything medical or spiritual, just getting high. My exposure to cannabis was hippie and counter culture.

In my 20’s I was moved to learn how to grow. Living in states where the quality of cannabis available was the “brown frown” and did little of what I needed. At this point I had knee pain from restaurant accidents. So I started my growing career with indoor, hydroponic setups. I spent hours and hours reading, and watching videos, remember this was in the early days of the internet too. I quickly was growing 5 pound plants in walk in closets!

In my 30’s I relocated to Oregon. I became involved in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program quickly. First because my wife needed cannabis for pain management. We were able to get her off of methadone completely! At one point they were even giving her fentanyl patches. Soon after she became a patient I became her grower. This transitioned me to growing outdoor in soil. I am fortunate to have an extensive gardening background from my childhood in Illinois and a mother who worked for the AG department! My farm was no-till with my own compost and I had 14′ tall Northern Lights plants in my 3rd year.

By now I was also a patient, again thanks to chronic pain in my knees. I am staring down the barrel of double knee replacement in the future according to the specialist. I also began growing for patients who were unable to grow for themselves. Then recreational marijuana was voted on and everything changed. Overnight municipalities limited or banned growing out of fear of the flood of recreational marijuana being everywhere! The impact on the medical growing community was devastating. A network of thousands of COMPASSIONATE growers, many of them small family farms, were pushed out.

So now I became an activist. I spoke before the Medford City Council, Jackson County Commissioners and went before the State Committee handling implementation of Measure 91 for recreational marijuana. My fight was always the same. to protect the patients and make sure they were served. To make sure that the right to grow by the individual was maintained. At home I grew the plants the state law allowed me to in defiance of local ordinances! I was cited over $3000 in fines and never cut a single plant. Sadly I did not get my day in court as all charges were dropped when citizens of Medford voted to ban ALL outdoor growing. But I delivered my medicine to my patients, they come first.

Like most other medical growers I could do nothing when the laws changed and we could no longer grow on the Rural Residential (RR5) land type, where of course 80% or more of medical cannabis was being grown in the state. There was nothing I could do when the dispensaries were forced to make purely greed based financial decisions to be either medical or recreational. Leaving the state with a handful of medical dispensaries state-wide! We fought and could not stop these changes.

I searched for what I could do. I knew I could run a successful recreational production facility with a heart and a purpose to help those patients. I’ve put together a team that will support me in this quest. This includes processors, medibles facilities, wholesalers, and even a dispensary owner willing to open a MEDICAL dispensary just for my farm! We all believe we can embrace a profit motive to keep investors happy, while serving the greater needs of the medical community.

That brings us to now. We have a vision, so much more than just a dream. Our battle plan is set and we will achieve the achievable that others have left behind. We will help those who need it most.

We won’t forget how we got to where we are! But that’s the philanthropic side to this story. What’s your place in this you ask?

  • The missing piece is YOU!

That’s right! The answer is with the consumer. Cannatourism is strongly desired by the state of Oregon. Issues with the law as written have been detrimental to a cannatourism industry that is booming! The state is clamoring for answers and we intend to provide them. We need your help though, and so we came up with The Doob Ranch. A working cannabis ranch just like the dude ranches of old.

What do we need? We need to raise enough funds for land purchase, build out, and licensing. We have put together a solid business plan that is still a profitable venture while attempting to serve the needs of as many of those in need in Oregon as possible. We will be putting together a facility unlike any seen so far. Where else will you be able to walk among the plants and be a part of the operation? Attend cannabis cooking classes held by classicly trained chefs? Of course all the amenities you’d expect of world class outdoor recreation destination! Horse back riding, swimming, and fishing in stocked ponds.

  • What will it all mean?

The answer here is simple, you will be a part of the solution. You will be helping a patient in need simply by staying with us one night! You will be the reason that a person can sleep, eat, or simply get thru the day with less pain.

Not only that but it will be our mission to educate and assist those who want the knowledge to go back home and grow their own cannabis. Gone are the days of keeping secrets about this amazing plant. Come to us to learn how to grow your own.

If all of that is too deep or wishy washy for you then no worries! You are still wanted here! Because if you really think about it the law and the majority of Oregon residents STILL seek to ostracize you as a cannabis user. Not at The Doob Ranch! Let our place be your cannavacation destination knowing you will be welcomed with open arms. Lay back and enjoy the scenery and your buzz and leave the rest to us…

  • Risks & Challenges

Cannabis is not without it’s risks. Even in states where we have passed recreational, cannabis is only “mostly” legal. Almost all the states that have done so had to allow counties within their borders to opt out, typically red ones. Couple that with a federal administration that is eyeing cannabis, particularly in states where recreational is legal, with a a desire to turn back the clock. Now you can understand why investors are somewhat difficult to convince.

I will not try and tell you that the days of raids or possible troubles with the law in the future are over. Ask a gun owner if they feel like the issue is settled, and that’s in the Bill of Rights! But I will tell you and can assure you of is this, we have the best compliance team in the state of Oregon. We have numerous activists, committee members, and more than one government official on our side in this effort. We will follow all state and local laws to the letter. In an industry that changes regularly all you can do is roll with changes as they come and do what you must to keep growing.

  • Wanna help without coming to the farm?

Almost everyone knows someone who uses cannabis, whether medical or recreational, so spread the word! For info on how to help out, go to my Indiegogo page.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at what we are trying to do.

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Thank you!

Jason Osborne

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