8 Positives of medical marijuana consumption



There has been a lot in the press about the health benefits of marijuana recently. And the truth is, that it seems like we are just at the tip of the iceberg, with new benefits being discovered all of the time. Those with glaucoma, epilepsy, cachexia, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), PTSD, chronic pain and seizures – amongst others are probably already aware of how medical marijuana can be beneficial to their quality of life.

Consuming medical marijuana isn’t just about smoking pot to get ‘high’. Of course, you can smoke it, but there are also a number of other ways that you can consume medical cannabis, including vaping, edibles and topical solutions. This means that there are an increasing number of consummation methods and many famous Dispensaries which make medical cannabis more accessible to more people.


For Glaucoma

Marijuana helps to lower pressure in the eye which can cause and worsen glaucoma – an eye condition which can result in loss of vision. By lowering the pressure, patients can treat or prevent the eye disease and help to secure a good vision for more time.

For Epileptic Seizures

People who suffer from epilepsy can use medical marijuana as a method to help to control their condition and prevent epileptic seizures. The cannabinoids bind to the brain cells which are associated with excitability and relaxation, helping to prevent seizures.

For Anxiety and PTSD

People with anxiety and nausea often use medical cannabis to control these feelings. Often people who are under-taking chemotherapy use medical cannabis to relieve the unpleasant side effects when used in small doses. For those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) the active cannabinoids can help to relax and reduce anxiety. It should be noted, however, that if it is used in large doses, it can actually increase anxiety and paranoia.

For Muscle Spasms

Continual muscle spasms can be painful and can have a massive effect on people’s lives – sometimes even making it difficult for them to breath and speak. The THC in medical marijuana binds to the receptors in the nerves and muscles to reduce pain and calm the muscles, hence reducing the spasms.

For Arthritis

Medical cannabis can help those who are suffering from arthritis as it can alleviate pain and inflammation, as well as help people to sleep.

For Weight

Research shows that people who use cannabis are at a healthier weight, have a better controlled metabolism and their bodies can deal with sugars more effectively.


Whilst the reasons for it are still relatively unknown, marijuana is proven to increase creativity in its users. Studies have shown that people are abler to

improve their verbal fluency as well as come up with new ideas after consuming cannabis. It is thought that this might be due to the release of dopamine in the brain, which allows you to relax and open your mind to new ideas, rand see new perceptions.


For people who are trying to stop drinking, medical cannabis can be a good substitute – and safer than other drugs and alcohol. It has less adverse side effects and is less addictive than other substances or medication.


There are many benefits that we already know about to consuming medical cannabis, and there are likely to be many more coming out as research continues. This of course means a better treatment of illnesses and conditions and a better, more comfortable way of life.

Current research is looking into how medicinal marijuana can be used to help to cure cancer, brain tumours, auto-immune diseases, amongst other health issues.

The good news is that for those who are suffering any kind of health problem, there is hope in medical marijuana research, and over time we are seeing how its benefits are making people’s lives better every day.

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