LEAF refrigerator can grow medical cannabis plants in just 90 days


By STACY LIBERATORE  LEAF has designed a refrigerator that grows marijuana. Users just plant the seeds and the system does everything from monitoring temperature to feeding plants with nutrients from cartridges. Residents living in certain states where marijuana is legal are allowed to grow their own plants, but the process …

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Legal Highs from Flight AMS


By Pete Thorton Many Americans are celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana use in several states across the nation. However, over here in most countries in Europe, we’re still stuck in the past.  My partner and I launched our legal highs business, Flight AMS, nearly a decade ago to provide an alternative …

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South Africa Legalizes Medical Cannabis After Politician Commits Suicide


South Africa may legally regulate medical cannabis as soon as April 2017. The South African Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health has said that the government will amend the Medicines and Related Substances Act 1965 (MRS Act). Under the reformed legislation, cannabis – known locally as “dagga” – will be downgraded …

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